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Reduce Stress and Anxiety: 5 Effective Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety at Work

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety: 5 Effective Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety at Work

Post by Sam on Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:30 pm

Is fear leading you down a one-way street to joblessness? This question might sound extreme but I lost a number of jobs due to excessive anxiety which paralysed my productivity and creativity. Nearly everyone suffers from some form of stress at work but when it becomes so acute that your whole career belly flops into oblivion, then it’s time to address some of the underlying causes. I want to share 5 little philosophies I adapted into my working life which allowed me to not only keep a job but to flourish in my new career, as well as reduce my overall anxiety levels. Prepare for the Pressure Some people excel under pressure and produce their best work when the flames of hellfire are licking at their ankles. However, for most people this simply isn’t the case and especially not when you’re prone to anxiety. When stressed we can learn fast but we don’t learn well. An over-motivation fuelled by fear to get a particular job done can also lead to interference in our reasoning capabilities. All of this together can lead to clear thinking being lost and a descent into a narrow fixated response, leading to further anxiety, frustration, and tension. In order to reduce and alleviate the inevitable pressure moments at work we need to ‘prepare’ and ‘practice’ away from the hot zone. This can be achieved by making sure you plan and research potentially problematic tasks well ahead of schedule, in your own time if need be, in order for you to feel you have an increased understanding and awareness of what will be involved. Think of this like a fire drill. Practice and prepare without pressure and regardless of the situation, you’ll have an increased awareness of the task at hand and a more relaxed mind-set open to better judgement, interpretation and improvisation.


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