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How To Overcome Negative Thoughts Once and For All - Sign up to receive your weekly dose of HAPPINESS, POWER, LOVE, AND SUCCESS

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How To Overcome Negative Thoughts Once and For All - Sign up to receive your weekly dose of HAPPINESS, POWER, LOVE, AND SUCCESS

Post by Sam on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:35 am

So many of us experience negative self-talk, and often it happens without our explicit intention. For instance, you might have a negative thought about your “inability to do something” or about “your goals not working out quite right” only to think to yourself afterwards “where the heck did that come from?…OF COURSE everything is (and will always be) OK!” Well, fret not because SO MANY of us experience negative thoughts from time to time. Some more frequently than others…but bottom line: if this happens to you, you’re definitely not alone. And the truth is these thoughts can be incredibly painful, scary, depressing, anxiety- provoking and even totally paralyzing. So, why do we have negative thoughts anyway? Where do they come from and why do they invade our constructive, positive head-space? There are a few reasons we have negative thoughts. First of all, the primary reason so many of us experience negative thoughts (ie: not being good enough, fear of things not working out perfectly at work, in love, or in our lives, regretting the past, etc) is because we simply don’t remember that this world is lawfully organized and that everything is actually unfolding in our lives for our ultimate benefit. For instance, with each passing day science shows that our minds, brains, bodies…and the physical world are all driven by law. Those laws enable us to create medicine (natural or otherwise)…they enable us to create technology, transportation…you name it. And the ENTIRE world functions according to scientific law…even those aspects of life that we haven’t quite figured out yet (think: cancer cures, aspects of psychology and physics still unknown to us, etc). Major point: this universe and our world – including your life – is not chaotic (even the aspects of it that sometimes SEEM chaotic). And more importantly, the laws driving this world are constructive and positive. Wait…wait…wait…how do we know that the world is constructive and positive? Well, as we mentioned earlier, this world is lawfully organized. And this world was created by an Omni-loving, Omnipotent organizing force (call it God-Creator, God, the Universe, the original cause of life, etc). So think about it: Would this Creator really create you, the world and everything in it just so it could fall apart and destruct? Suffice to say that no sane creator (and certainly not an almighty Creator) would create anything without wanting to see that very thing flourish and thrive in a positive, utterly successful way. And this includes everything in this world (including your LIFE). So…sometimes when we forget all this (or don’t think of it momentarily) it’s easy to fall prey to negative thoughts. But – once you realize that everything in this world is lawfully guided for a constructive, positive, empowering purpose, it’s impossible to see everyday issues as negative or bad. Instead, you’re prompted and driven to search for the positive aspects of everything you experience…the aspects that you KNOW exist to serve your growth, benefit, and ultimate success. After all…where do you think your desire for success comes from? Spoiler alert: it’s part of your purpose! And, the best part is that even those things that seem bad or difficult at the time (losing your job, not being able to gain closure with a loved one before he/she passes away, or any other emotionally challenging experience) are actually indispensable to you fulfilling your purpose. After all…what if there’s an amazing career and future ahead of you but the only way you’ll ever get there is by being fired NOW?! Or what if you don’t get to say goodbye to a loved one and feel bad about it but you and your loved one NEEDED that to happen in order to learn something as he/ she passed over?! Remember, we don’t always have all the answers as humans, but when you always remember that everything you experience serves a positive purpose in your life to contribute to your happiness, growth, and success, it’s almost impossible to have negative thoughts. When you see life this way, your negative thoughts stop coming and they’re replaced with far more constructive thoughts and ideas that enable you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of! And one more thing, we never die. We only change form. It’s true that our human body disappears over time but that’s not the end of “life…” It’s just a change in form to a higher level of existence. After we pass over, our spiritual, infinite essence (some call it our soul or God spark), continues its perpetual journey of growth and evolution toward “godlikeness.” Tell all THAT to your negative thoughts next time they come! Be Sociable, Share!


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