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5 Tips For Success Using the Law of Attraction and Rational OptimismTM

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5 Tips For Success Using the Law of Attraction and Rational OptimismTM

Post by Sam on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:42 am

Every law and theory serves a vital purpose in our journey toward godlikeness (the journey toward becoming more complete, whole, harmonious, happy, complex human beings). The Law of Attraction is certainly no exception. It, too, serves a key role in helping us develop and grow to become fulfilled, more complete, more successful individuals. What is the law of attraction? In a nutshell: The law of attraction teaches that your mental disposition or consistent thinking attracts your life circumstances and life events to you. It essentially suggests that your attitude influences the results you secure in work, love, and…life. While it’s certainly more complex than this, we’d recommend that you go to a law of attraction teacher to find out all the nuances involved and how you can use them for your benefit. See our list of recommended teachers below. That said, here are five tips for success that we’ve compiled using ideas also expressed in the Law of Attraction and Rational OptimismTM. These tips show you how to use the Law of Attraction coupled with Rational OptimismTM to your advantage, so you can be happier and more successful in anything that you find important and worthwhile! # 1 – Control your focus. As a general rule, do your best to focus on the things you want in life (rather than the things you don’t want) so your mental and creative energies can help you and guide you toward bringing those things into fruition. After all, you’re created in God’s image and likeness which means that you DO have creative power…second only to God’s. Use it. Even more, can you imagine “God” being anything less than totally abundant and successful?! # 2 – Don’t worry. Here’s a great tip for success: Don’t worry about the details of “how” the things you want will come into being. Just creatively and consistently work toward your goals and you WILL get the things you so desire. They may not come into being exactly as you expected but if you are consistent with your efforts, they will come into being! Never give up. # 3 – Relax. Be happy. Science shows that when you’re relaxed and happy you actually perform better, more effectively, and more creatively. So kick back during your journey and don’t take life “too seriously.” After all, what we call “God” created you with a purpose. The first cause of our existence, God-Creator, created you to be successful so that your purpose is fulfilled! # 4 – Say thank you! Law of attraction experts and teachers strongly emphasize the importance of being grateful for the things in your life that you’re happy about. When we feel grateful our brain chemistry ensures that we’re more productive, we learn better, we’re more creative, and we perform better at everything as a whole. So be grateful! You can make it a point to think of and record ten things you’re grateful for each day… # 5 – Ignore the clock. Many Law of Attraction experts recommend not getting too caught up in the timing of things.That’s a great tip for success because a lot of times people become stressed out and pressured by the timing of things, which can lead to hasty, subpar decision-making (some of the worst decisions of all time have been made under unnecessary ‘time pressure’). More importantly, frontier physics shows that time doesn’t even physically exist. In fact, it’s believed that a unified theory of physics would require the elimination of the concept entirely. So take it easy…don’t get too caught up on “when” things are going to happen. As long as you do your part, rest assured everything will come “on time.”


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