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The Importance of Dedication

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The Importance of Dedication Empty The Importance of Dedication

Post by Sam on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:35 pm

Whenever I need a reminder of how important
dedication is to reaching your goals I think of Victor
Hugo. He started writing Les Miserables in the 1830s and
finished it 17 years later. 17 years! I can only imagine his level of dedication. To start a
project that would take almost two decades to
complete seems almost incomprehensible to me. Yet his dedication paid off. His book has been generally considered one of the greatest novels of
the nineteenth century. It’s an epic that’s been told and retold countless
times to millions of people in mini-series, movies and
musicals. One popular version even came out last
year. Would he have reached so many people if he hadn’t
been so dedicated to finishing his story? Thankfully most goals don’t take anywhere near as
long as it did for Victor Hugo. His is a very extreme
case of dedication. But let’s compare his level of dedication to the way
many other people approach their goals.
Many people give up way too soon. They only think in
the short term so when there isn’t much progress
right away towards their goals, they give up on them. You can see that happening right now. This is the
time of year when people start dropping their New Year’s resolutions and drift back into their old habits and way of life. It’s not that these people don’t want to make those
changes; it’s just that that at some point they lost
their dedication to making those goals happen. Most goals take a long time so you need to have
perseverance and determination to see them to the
end. Imagine how long it will take you to lose a lot of
weight, write a book or start an online business. These are things that don’t happen overnight. When I make a goal, I plan for months or even years
into the future. For instance, I made a decision to
attend graduate school over two years ago and just recently graduated. It was something I knew
would take years to complete. And I’m still dedicated to that two year old decision.
I still need to find a job using my degree. I’ve found
there are three things you need to keep in mind as
you become dedicated to reaching your own goals. 1. Plan for the long-term The bigger the goal you set for yourself, the longer
you should set for reaching it. Large goals will have
difficult obstacles to overcome and problems to
solve. These take time. When setting goals, it’s good to think in terms of
months or years. This gives you a realistic frame of
reference for the amount of time you need to achieve them. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Goals often take longer than you realize. When you can set a path long into the future and become dedicated
to that, you make it more likely for those goals to
happen. 2. Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate
results It’s normal not to see huge results right away. When you don’t see immediate results, you might
think you’re never going to see any so you should
give up. But that’s not how it usually works. Just because you don’t see instant results doesn’t
mean you’re never going to see any. It’s like those
people who work out at the gym and give up after a
few weeks because they don’t see anything
happening. It’s not that simple and easy. If it was, everyone
would be doing it. 3. Don’t commit to things you shouldn’t It’s much easier to set commitments than to actually
see them all the way through. You should resist that
temptation to set targets you don’t actually have the drive to complete. What’s worse is that setting an objective and giving
up on it right away undermines your ability to
dedicate to future goals. It makes you comfortable
with the idea of hesitation and irresolution. That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t try things to see
if they like it. It’s perfectly fine to try something new. But before you set that weight loss target, you should make sure the exercise you’re doing to reach
it is something you could do every week for several
months. Becoming Dedicated There are no shortcuts to getting where you want to
be. That means you need to put in the necessary
time to realize your goals. If you only think in the
short term, you could be setting yourself up for
failure. Get into the habit of dedicating to goals in the long
term. By allowing yourself enough time to complete
them, you make it a lot more likely for them to


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